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She asked, as I closed and slyly locked her classroom door, "What can I do for you, Courtney? Summary: A teen uses pantyhose hypnosis to seduce her teacher. But that's all right, mine is more of a pamphlet. If I can make them feel safe, let them believe I'm there for them and get them to mindlessly follow my lead, I can have them begging to take my strap-on in their ass in no time at all. Watch for key signs such as: -a calming state -a change in their breathing -a softening of the eyes as if fading into slumber -a lack of voluntary movements -eyes struggling to stay open -becoming agreeable to your suggestions. So here is the first of perhaps many stories on how I put pantyhose and hypnosis together to seduce or dominate many girls and women

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I appear to be overflowing with compassion and concern which is truly because of my ulterior motive of wanting them sucking on my nylon toes.

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They were both right and wrong. Summary: A teen uses pantyhose hypnosis to seduce her teacher. During my senior year, which you will be reading about in future chapters if there's enough interest, I gradually uncovered in myself a new intention: revenge. Someone else has already published a book called Hypnosis for Dummies, so I can't call mine that.

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