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Most people think of the dingo as some sort of wild dog. However, researchers led by the University of Sydney have finally found enough proof to classify the dingo as a separate species from the dog. Because of the researchers' findings, the Dingo has finally taken its rightful place as a distinct animal from Australia.

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All rights reserved. The dingo is legendary as Australia's wild dog, though it also occurs in Southeast Asia. The Australian animals may be descendents of Asian dingoes that were introduced to the continent some 3, to 4, years ago.

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For many years, the dingo was best known as the wild dog of Australia—the largest carnivore on the Australian mainland—and for being the scourge of the sheep industry. A single dingo can maul up to 50 sheep in one night, killing far more than it needs for food. This was famously portrayed in the movie A Cry In the Dark, a.

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Republish our articles for free, online or in print, under Creative Commons licence. But our recent article in the journal Zootaxa argues that dingoes should be regarded as a bona fide species on multiple fronts. How someone refers to dingoes may reflect their values and interests, as much as the science.

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Dogs and people have been traveling the world together for possibly 30, years, with one exception: Australia. So who brought them? The question is not just a matter of curiosity about dingoes.

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It's something more ancient that isn't well represented by today's wolves. Dogs and wolves evolved from a common ancestor between 9, and 34, years ago, before humans transitioned to agricultural societies, according to an analysis of modern dog and wolf genomes from areas of the world thought to be centers of dog domestication. The study, published today in PLoS Geneticsalso shows that dogs are more closely related to each other than wolves, regardless of geographic origin.

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To determine the origin and time of arrival to Australia of the dingo, bp of the mtDNA control region were analyzed in Australian dingoes sampled in all states of Australia, dogs from all continents, and 38 Eurasian wolves, and bp were analyzed in 19 pre-European archaeological dog samples from Polynesia. We found that all mtDNA sequences among dingoes were either identical to or differing by a single substitution from a single mtDNA type, A From these results a detailed scenario of the origin and history of the dingo can be derived: dingoes have an origin from domesticated dogs coming from East Asia, possibly in connection with the Austronesian expansion into Island Southeast Asia.

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Canis dingo Meyer[5] Canis familiaris Linnaeus, [2] Canis familiaris dingo Meyer, [6]. The dingo is a dog that is native to Australia. It is a medium-sized canid that possesses a lean, hardy body adapted for speed, agility, and stamina.

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The Dingo Canis lupus dingo or Warrigal is a type of Australian canid, which was thought to be descended from the Iranian Wolf Canis lupus pallipes. Modern dingoes are found throughout Southeast Asia, mostly in small pockets of remaining natural forest, and in mainland Australia, particularly in the north. They have features in common with both wolves and modern dogs, and are regarded as more or less unchanged descendants of an early ancestor of modern dogs.

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Canis lupus dingo is a taxonomic rank that includes both the dingo that is native to Australia and the rare New Guinea singing dog that is native to the New Guinea Highlands. It also includes some extinct dogs that were once found in coastal Papua New Guinea and the island of Java in the Indonesian Archipelago. It is a subspecies of Canis lupus. The genetic evidence indicates that the dingo clade originated from East Asian domestic dogs and was introduced through the Malay Archipelago into Australia, [19] [20] with a common ancestry between the Australian dingo and the New Guinea singing dog.


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