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A case in point is the company's announcement that it has decided which fuel will be used in the first passenger-carrying flights of the suborbital spacecraft. When SpaceShipTwo launches after being dropped by the WhiteKnightTwo carrier aircraft, it will be powered into orbit by a hybrid rocket motor developed by Sierra Nevada Corporation that uses solid rocket fuel and nitrous oxide as an oxidizer. The gas oxidizer means that, unlike conventional solid rocket motors, it can be shut down at will.

Virgin makes every effort to dispatch Products on time. At this point, responsibility for loss, breakage and damage passes to you. Ownership of Products purchased passes to you when payment is received by Virgin in full.

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In fact, he is just the opposite. Although he is well aware of the frenzy surrounding the series, he will not be tuning in when the final curtain falls. For years, they have had to endure teasing about their lack of awareness about the explosive story lines — Red Wedding?

Using a sample of 15—year-olds from Cycle 6 of the National Survey of Family Growth, we examine technical virginity and its motivations. The results suggest that religious adolescents are less likely than less-religious ones to opt for non-vaginal sex over total abstinence. Abstinence pledgers who are virgins are neither more nor less likely than nonpledgers who are virgins to substitute non-vaginal sex for intercourse. Moreover, religion and morality are actually the weakest motivators of sexual substitution among adolescents who have not had vaginal sex.

Tim Tebow has not cashed in his V card. The reality show, which premiered last month, thrust the topic of virginity back under the pop-culture microscope and has only fueled ongoing conversations initiated by athletes such as the Denver Broncos quarterback—who is in the spotlight now for just about everything he says or does—and stars like Miley Cyrus and Jordin Sparks. All of them in the past few years have publicly proclaimed their decision to hold off on sex until marriage.

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The virgin holds a mythical place in our culture. We invented it. We developed it.

Using flue gas from carbon-intensive industrial processes, such as steel mills, U. Why not capture and convert domestic CO2? All signs are indicating that the U.

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K atherine, 25, grew up in a conservative Pennsylvania town and went to schools where the only sex education was abstinence-based. Despite her upbringing, Katherine grew into a self-described progressive, extremely liberal and sex-positive woman. Then last year, fueled by alcohol, Katherine kissed a close male friend. Katherine was open about her history, and he knew she was a virgin.

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Virgin Galactic has tested its new fleet of liquid-fueled rocket engines and unveiled additional details about the company's plans to use these hybrid motors to launch commercial satellites into orbit. The engines, dubbed "NewtonOne" and "NewtonTwo," were test-fired last week, as part of an ongoing program to develop a new launch vehicle for small satellites. The expendable two-stage, liquid-fueled rocket, called LauncherOnecould make its first flights as early ascompany officials have said.

After its first spaceflight in December, Virgin Galactic sent the same vessel past the edge of the atmosphere for a second time on Friday. This time, the rocket plane went higher and faster than before — and it had three crew members on board instead of two. The flight marked another step forward in a new kind of space race — one that aims to allow private citizens who can afford the ticket an opportunity to exit our atmosphere. It was carried aloft under a larger carrier plane for nearly an hour and then released.


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