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Trish and Tommy then head out again to buy more goods. The group consists of Paul and his girlfriend Samantha; Doug and Sara who are mutually-attracted; jokester named Ted and Jimmy , who Ted bullies over a recent breakup. Trish runs out of the house with Rob's machete and runs home to start nailing the door shut. As Jason begins strangling Trish, Tommy runs downstairs completely bald and calls out to him. Trish heads outside to Rob's empty tent to see if he has anything to do with it. Unaware three of their friends are dead, Doug and Sara finally decide to begin a sexual relationship and go upstairs to shower.

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Tommy, his hair regrowing slowly, enters the room and the two hug once more.

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As they approach Crystal Lake, they take brief notice Pamela Voorhees ' gravestone. As Jason gets inside, he throws a hammer at Trish, which misses her by inches. Finding her body in the raft, Paul frantically swims back to the shore to seek help, but is impaled through the groin with a spear by Jason, who was hiding under the pier.

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