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To this day Cicciolina is a strong advocate for human and animal rights and the "sexual freedom" movement. She was a porn star trying to get elected AS a porn star and was actually smart enough to pull it off--plus she offered to take one for the team in order to stanch the threat of nuclear annihilation, which is pretty magnanimous. Because we all get to see her naked at the end, right. How's that for working your agenda? The most notorious examples is Regina 11, also known as the most powerful witch in Colombia. Does she also have a stance on whether or not Colombian children "are the future"?

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Not only did she put up quite a fight, she finished 3rd to the two strongest representatives of the liberal and conservative parties.

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Cora. Age: 22.
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I think I speak for all of us in asking a simple Wadup wit dat? While in office she campaigned against nuclear energy and NATO membership all while still making time to shoot hardcore porn. Just think how much of the last two decades' misery could have been averted if he'd only been straight!

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